Car care and maintenance are an obligation that you need to carry out sincerely. Otherwise, you may merely be flushing money in the gutter on repairs, which could be avoided with routine checking and in a fraction of the price. Do not be like the teens who frequently forget to change the oil or wash the car since they have parents to cover the bills! Since you’re an adult, do learn how to look after your vehicle to save money later on.

A brand new car requires less regular services since some troublesome servicing demands like cleaning the entire body rust, altering breaker points, or replacement spark plugs are connected to aging. However, your vehicle nevertheless deserves some periodic checks, repair work, and clean up jobs. Let’s look at six ways to take care of your car:

Engine Oil

Examine your engine oil regularly and keep an eye for any leak. Park your car on even surface and observe your engine oil dipstick to get the correct reading. If the level of engine oil on your dipstick is low, then fill the tank up but do not overfill. Also, send your car to be repaired as soon as possible if you find any leak.

vx check engine oil's dipstick

Transmission Fluid

The cap to the fluid cylinder is sealed in lots of new cars with an automatic gearbox. If your vehicle isn’t one of these, check the liquid level when the engine is heated up and running. Check the fluid level in the break-fluid reservoir and power-steering pump at the same time. Repair if there is any leakage and fill up if any one of the tanks is running low.

Tire’s Air Pressure

Each tire should be inflated with the right manufacture recommended psi. You need to observe the pressure of all tires, including the spare tire at least once in a month and before a long road trip. Utilize a pencil-type or electronic tire-pressure gauge (that won’t cost much) to perform the job. You may check recommended tire pressure for your car here.

Wash the Body

It is probably the simplest but a tad, tiresome way to look after your car. But, cleaning is necessary, both the inside and the outside. If possible, wash the body every week and care to take out the road salt and dirt out of the fender wells as well on the undercarriage.

vx check engine oil's dipstick

Clean out the Glasses

The windshield, rearview mirrors, and the headlights need regular cleaning because keeping them dirty will cause safety hazards. You can use cleaning fluid to wipe the bug-splattered and dirty windshield and rearview mirrors. On the other hand, toothpaste or baking soda can provide temporary headlight mend; however, a can of UV-resistant clear coating will give a permanent solution.

Inspect the Brakes

If you are pro enough to perform this car care job, check it two or three times annually, and much more if you push regularly and longer distances. You’ll need to remove the wheels and inspect the state of the rotors, pads, drums, along with other pieces. Go into a car workshop if you’re not good with all the motor.

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