VX GARAGE by VervX Malaysia is a concept of the automotive community that was established in 2011. This concept is specifically designed to become a platform in helping users obtain high-quality automotive parts at a more affordable price than what is sold in the market.

The VX GARAGE brand was registered in Singapore in 2009 as Verv Petroleum (M) Sdn Bhd. Initially, we were only supplying raw materials, primarily base oil and additives to engine oil manufacturers in Singapore and Malaysia.

After two years in the market, we started to develop new ideas in shaping a different concept to users. By observing the community’s perception where most users choose the vehicle spare parts shop as their choice to buy automotive products. Spare parts shop also become the primary place for car workshop owners to get a lower price than the market price. It motivated VX GARAGE in building a ‘platform’ where users can get automotive parts straight from the manufacturers or suppliers without going through an intermediary.

Finally, the name VX SPAREPARTSHOP ensued as our new platform existing in the market for over the years. Currently, VX Sparepartshop is the largest chain of vehicle spare part shop nationally to fulfill users request that currently exceeds more than 100, 000 people nationwide.

VX GARAGE also has an active collaboration with more than 200 motoring clubs nationally in various programs as a sign of support from VX GARAGE to the Malaysian motoring community.